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Monday, May 4, 2015

Article on global warming

 Our World today! lots of people shout about what was wrong to the world today. back to back desaster coming in every deferences country. Tsuname in Japan, Earth quake in Nepal, Typoon in Philippines, Sinkhole in America and other country, separate wars in some Arab country. In what is all about? why it happenes? You think that there is a answers about these? Yes! if they have a question next will a answers. here they are, it's all about human who do it  this things might be happened.

Lets back to the beggining, this world start from nothing that was what all we know. and then suddenly creatures started from deffrences existing, you might choose who you came from, you can search or pick what you believe where you came from. Now since this  world packing and bring new creauture who let this creature do what ever they want. World was so great and perhaps a beauty created by alone. All world want is to care to him and have life together with this creature as we know we are today. Then how people bring the world today? how we hundle this world today? looking every part to this world now! what you can see? yeah might be good have Idea in development for each every country, it is not bad as long as it take us good to the pepople, But what about a world who carry us?

See! Mining, Caingin, Places new city, Garbage, Factory and other that world may can affected to the development. I not say you must stop that development, but let us put worries about the world that might be put the world small lifespan. World is like a food who dealing lots of worm and that worm is us who slowly eat the food. then when it gone where we go together? where we live after that. You say now that never happend to you today, yeah true it will not happened to you now, but who's next? who next to your generation? our family. Our family will be take and make more suffer of what we've done to day, we do today then they will suffer tommorow.

We can do something about it, let just do something to the world let shout in every each other that people may take care to this world now. let be one and do something about it. we need to worries all about because world now is need our care, he need us today let save the world from the one who real suffer the dessaster coming from human being.

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