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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Source from: http://www.nbcnews.com/

Yet another tragic happened that Earthquake hits at Nepal Country, It takes hard to recover the people in Nepal from devastated Earthquake before just a week ago. Were 42 people dead and take 1000 more injured to a new Earthquake lately. People try to move on from what was happened before but yet another earthquake will devastated to a country. A 7.4 magnitude were devastated to an Earthquake in Nepal.

Our Organization was plan to flight again and help people in Nepal for the second time. Were our Organization was already been before during the first Earthquake in Nepal. Were handle to take care those children's who mostly need help. We place them to a camp and providing foods and comforting their sickness. We take care and located  those children's that were troubled  to find their parents. Our Mission their is for those children's but if other people need our help we will take them too. We've been keep 100 plus children and some are adult during the first Earthquake, just in 3 place at Nepal. We were assisting from local government of Nepal to provide shipment just to keep children's in safe and providing hospitality.

Were in 20 Volunteer people from other country and with 60 Youth World Movers members in Nepal, were those members are solid and quick to response during our call when there is an big Tragedy. Were our job is to care children's even in other country just when it needs help. Yet another tragic were happened in a same place, so were here to move and response again. Were soliciting from the other NGO's for some things that we need to bring there.

There so many NGO's willing to help us and giving cloths and food product to bring in Nepal. But we were not accept goods and cloths anymore since our goods and cloths were not accepted to the airport during our first flight on the first earthquake in Nepal that was 7.8 magnitude. All we need now is money to easy access in Nepal country. we will use money to buy goods after we land to a country. Were here to ask you a little amount that you can give even a single dollar that you can contribute. We thank you for your support a kind 

consideration that you support our Organization which is Youth World Movers are happy to help other people that they really need our help like Nepal. You can donated to Paypal that shown below, If you need more about us just visit Youth World Movers Organization.

We hope for your prayer and help to let us help and reach children's in Nepal.

Please Donate for Nepal Children's

Friday, May 8, 2015


I made this Picture to my Friends who played FrienzMuGames!

A year of 2003 I installed a game named FrienzMU an online game base. It was my first time to play in FrienzMU which is we pick a character that you play for, a character which a magical barbaric people. So I choose named Knights who bring his weapon a Blade and shield, a strong barbarian character. Day by day play FrienzMu, until I meet some people who played the game too. They were from other country so we meet in in-game and talk like true seeing each other. Then we decide to build group which we call Guild in In-game. They created Guild to defend our base to unite all players in that particular game just makes have fun in all.

We played almost 4 years on that game, we took like a real family, because we’ve play every day so it’s look like were in a one family but in a game way.
A time has come that we’ve never been expecting that it happened the owner of the server has need to declare that his server are no longer be an active anymore. Because of lack financial and low rate of player to play. We all worry about that situation because we never expect that it will come. We try to talk the owner but it same, it will be wipeout the server. All players that day are so mad and sad because it will be goodbye to everyone because of that case.

I search games like what I played about the lifespan of a games, about what will gonna do if the server denied to pay for it. Then I read one of the rules of a games which if you want to have or buy a server, you need to have a pay in every month. So now I understand the owner of that game that we will never gonna do now.because it always happened.

FrienzMu are few players to play, it takes 1000+ people who played which is not enough to span the server. Because a server need of cashier, a player who will be maintain the payments of the server known VIP. So hard to grabbed people to play, because they were lots of games that people may play for it. Like MU it takes
1000+ games or server created in deference owner. So that’s the reason why some server are in critical situation and it turn into a Wipeout in all.

Since we can’t do nothing, I decide to have Photoshop to a picture of players in FirnezMu to combining them for a remembrance. So I asked them to chat and asking for a little picture coming to them for my reason. Then I start to Photoshop with emotion and worry in all that we never be meet in that game anymore. I take lots to learn coming to them. They were deference language and deference people from other country. But we stick together and have fun in all during the game. I really missed the day when we been together, chatting and have joke. Defending our base in game and lots of strategies and most of all I learn a lot, not only in game but in real life. Meeting people in online game but it took’s to me a real life, a real world we meet.

Wish we will be together, meeting again in a deferent game so we talk and play it again... Goodbye my friend in FrienzMu

I miss you Guy's...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Quotes about life

Life... so many questions we can ask from this word. Why am I here in this world? What is the purpose of my existence? Why am I like this? Is life for real? What am I supposed to do? How can I become rich? Why am I poor? Why my life sucks? Why is there such thing as life? When will be the end of life? Who will going to take care of me? Who will gonna love me for the rest of my life? Who is responsible for my life? To whom I'll be going to surrender my life? Why do I have life?

These questions are few but varies with different answers. In our world today, many people ask so much about life. Rich, poor, victims, gangsters, professionals, lovers, families, you, and even me. I have lots of questions about life. I seek for an answers about these questions and until now I'm still searching. Funny to think that maybe, the next time I ask question about life is, "Where can I find the answers about life?"

I came across with these questions because I have experiences that tells so much about life. As I grow up in this world as a blank slate creature, I ddn't know exactly the detail what is life when I was a baby. We all know that from the time our mother brought us here in the earth, we are as innocent as a caterpillar but from the time I got my wings and became a butterfly, it seems like I'm flying without directions. There are many paths to walk through but its quite confusing because there are many factors that pushes me downward. Then I ddn't see the light anymore, and the wild mountains full of flowers blooming around that needs butterlfy to help them bloom as wild as the sun. Then the life of the butterfly became miserable, from the time she had to walk through the ground.

I am like the butterfly that instead of flying I walk through the dark path with wings shuttered. I started the path with full of sadness and devastation. The years of my life when I was a teenager is a messy one. I ddn't know how to gain friendships and companionships along with my high school year classmates. It started when I committed a mortal sin of stealing someones' belongings. I did that because nobody guided me. My parents were busy looking for goods to fullfill our needs but that wasn't enough. Instead of guiding their little butterfly, they turned out to be the inactive and unsupportive parents they are to me. Despite the fact that they weren't able to fullfill their responsibilities to me, I'm still thankful to them because of my life. Because of that terrible sin, it ruined my education. I stopped that path and walk again to another path.

The next path that I'm walking in, is the path with many thorns. The first path is a rocky one and this one is more painful. What makes this path thorny was that, it has full of hindrances and challenges that I never encountered for the rest of my life. I felt the pain of the thorns when I'm far away from my family and celebrated my 18th birthday alone. I worked hard just to earn for a living and crushed out my freedom as a lady to foresee the beauty of the world that a woman would have to experience. I felt the sadness as I stare the city of capital region up in the big tank of water reservoir gazing above the sky with full of stars. There, with full of tears, I ask the question, "why my life sucks?". Well I gues I am just too young to be able to know the answer to that question. The question remains unanswered.

The lady butterfly walked again another path. This path has many poker faces. I started to seek every faces I came across with this journey. I think of something that would make me happy and that is to look for a person who could give me real happiness or shall we say "love". This time, they are plenty, plenty to search and able to mingle with me as long as I'm preferrable with them. Too much of them makes me feel like I am the goddess of beauty. The superiority comes in and the beautiful butterfly turned out to be ugliest butterfly in the garden. It's purity losen and many wants to savor the nectar of its essence. I didn't notice that I am far behind from my collegue and that I lose the run of my education. I became wild and miserably free. I walked tiny and narrow paths, I walked paths with burning flame. I walked on somebody's path which I am not fit in to it. I ruined somebody's life and I don't know where am I. These raised me a questions, "why am I like this?,  what am I going to do?, where am I? and who I am? the questions remained unanswered.

To be Continued....

Monday, May 4, 2015

Article on global warming

 Our World today! lots of people shout about what was wrong to the world today. back to back desaster coming in every deferences country. Tsuname in Japan, Earth quake in Nepal, Typoon in Philippines, Sinkhole in America and other country, separate wars in some Arab country. In what is all about? why it happenes? You think that there is a answers about these? Yes! if they have a question next will a answers. here they are, it's all about human who do it  this things might be happened.

Lets back to the beggining, this world start from nothing that was what all we know. and then suddenly creatures started from deffrences existing, you might choose who you came from, you can search or pick what you believe where you came from. Now since this  world packing and bring new creauture who let this creature do what ever they want. World was so great and perhaps a beauty created by alone. All world want is to care to him and have life together with this creature as we know we are today. Then how people bring the world today? how we hundle this world today? looking every part to this world now! what you can see? yeah might be good have Idea in development for each every country, it is not bad as long as it take us good to the pepople, But what about a world who carry us?

See! Mining, Caingin, Places new city, Garbage, Factory and other that world may can affected to the development. I not say you must stop that development, but let us put worries about the world that might be put the world small lifespan. World is like a food who dealing lots of worm and that worm is us who slowly eat the food. then when it gone where we go together? where we live after that. You say now that never happend to you today, yeah true it will not happened to you now, but who's next? who next to your generation? our family. Our family will be take and make more suffer of what we've done to day, we do today then they will suffer tommorow.

We can do something about it, let just do something to the world let shout in every each other that people may take care to this world now. let be one and do something about it. we need to worries all about because world now is need our care, he need us today let save the world from the one who real suffer the dessaster coming from human being.