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Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is Better Sex or Drugs?

Which is which! these are the two kind of things that might be change your behavior in how you able to take this, when you get addicted in each of this.
In the Philippines some people may practice their self of being liberated. The reason is a social media, a one of the most influence things in every people of the Philippines. Before virginity is the important of each everyone, but today they may vanish that pride. And yet it may come like this. In about what is better? Drugs or sex?. But these two was not good in all for us, maybe someday will it takes these two in same time to communicate each other.

During our vacant time we the student arguing about this situation, mostly the girls said sex is better without drugs. They said: it because it may feel good without using any supplement to your self by getting aggressive. While those men were prepare sex is better with Drugs to become more aggressive while having sex with your partner. They said: it may bring you over and over to the heaven and hell to take this one (lol).

How about you what is better? Much better to have a conversation like this than to say were Ignorant of all.