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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The unexpected love

One day in the middle of nowhere I found this girl, and at the same time I had my present girlfriend, we were falling in love at each other and were very happy.

In my darkest days of my life I found this very unique girl, I thought she was in love with me but I was wrong. The truth is I am the one who was falling in love with her. It's quite annoying that these girl belongs to someone else and she's already married to a man I hated the most.

The most Interesting story about us was that, when my present girlfriend called me on my phone, this girl happened to answer the call and she admitted that she was my girl friend even though were not. hahahahaha I am very amazed with this girl. When I knew it, I don’t know what am I going to do with her, am I going to slap her face? Or I'm gonna tell her you make the right decision, because you know what? I want you to be my girlfriend at the first place. I felt mixed emotions at that moment. Terribly, I am deeply in love with this girl and I know already that she likes me too because of that conversation between my present girlfriend and this unique girl.

To make the story short we both knew that we love each other and we are so insane about the fact that time goes by when we were together; we made an unexpected love and until now were very in love and happy at this moment.

See how mysterious love is?

Love 23 sweet heart

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