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Thursday, July 23, 2009


How much you really love your Mother/Father?

Did you try to say I love you in a personal to your Mother/Father? try to find the way to say that. So that your true loved will gratefully known to your Mother/Father and it will be feel that their son/daughter have a love from them. that was a big surprised and gift to them from their son/daughter.

Well, Say I love you is sux but when you say this word in seriously true the person, It can be stoped them and thinking for what will be they heard an awesome word. Some people really hate to say I love you in seriously, some of them are forgetting about the word. They don't know how much is really needed in every person in this World.

I remember when I was a 19 I think, and my mother was setting alone at the home. she was thinking so much, and I see her that I really feel so sad that what was she think it. I wish for her that someday I will bring her into a good life and give what she really want in a life. Then later I took to her and I'm almost tearing at that moment, I call her and said; "Hi Mom", I came to her with a hug, and saying "I love you Mom", I was so shy when I trying to say I love you. but when I say that word it's make me feel so happy. I really don't think about Why I getting to say that. And my Mother hug me then so much, and she said "Thank You son"

So, In my mother reply " Thank you son" I feel so nervous and excitement to heard that. I'm happy for my Mother. My mother was alone to grow up their 5 children's till now. I won't forget what my mother done to us, and someday I will reply all the things and love from my mother. I LOVE YOU MAMA.

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