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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Global Warming

How you can meet or beat air pollution control expectations. Though expensive, air quality control can pay off over the long haul. Done properly, your business' control of air pollution can enhance productivity by providing a clean environment with less worker downtime due to sickness or inability to work at 100%.How much of your business’ air pollution prevention and control you want to manage depends on the size and complexity of the operation.

They said we need to cut off that power like 1 hour. only 1 hour? as for now in this generation we blowup doubled before. I think it is possible that we take a little rest in only 1 hour. we need more hours to take that even a little rest in our world. if we take more hours it can be, but it was impossible to be done, on that one hour that they ask to cut, well I'm going to support it we will take a little little rest sometimes to see how important this world to us.

So, be ready for that, we will cut our electricity even in just 1 hour, to support and help this world from Dying. we will never let that happen, save this world from critical life. So that from generation to generation they will meet also what is EARTH.

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