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Thursday, July 23, 2009


How much you really love your Mother/Father?

Did you try to say I love you in a personal to your Mother/Father? try to find the way to say that. So that your true loved will gratefully known to your Mother/Father and it will be feel that their son/daughter have a love from them. that was a big surprised and gift to them from their son/daughter.

Well, Say I love you is sux but when you say this word in seriously true the person, It can be stoped them and thinking for what will be they heard an awesome word. Some people really hate to say I love you in seriously, some of them are forgetting about the word. They don't know how much is really needed in every person in this World.

I remember when I was a 19 I think, and my mother was setting alone at the home. she was thinking so much, and I see her that I really feel so sad that what was she think it. I wish for her that someday I will bring her into a good life and give what she really want in a life. Then later I took to her and I'm almost tearing at that moment, I call her and said; "Hi Mom", I came to her with a hug, and saying "I love you Mom", I was so shy when I trying to say I love you. but when I say that word it's make me feel so happy. I really don't think about Why I getting to say that. And my Mother hug me then so much, and she said "Thank You son"

So, In my mother reply " Thank you son" I feel so nervous and excitement to heard that. I'm happy for my Mother. My mother was alone to grow up their 5 children's till now. I won't forget what my mother done to us, and someday I will reply all the things and love from my mother. I LOVE YOU MAMA.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Home Town

Vega Ancestral House


Balingasag Sunset

Balingasag, Misamis Oriental

Balingasag is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Misamis Oriental, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 51,782 people in 9,618 households.

Vega Ancestral House - (Old House) located in the Poblacion district, is a preserved Philippine colonial house which has been visited by national leaders like General Emilio Aguinaldo and President Sergio Osmeña, and Gura - Vergara house that was established 1878

And it was near at Beach, you can also witness the sunset while you are at beach having enjoyments with friends and families. They have own GYM to play at, Badminton, Ping pong, Basketball, Baseball, Takraw and many more that people of Balingasag are free to play.

Municipal Mayor was always support and give what people want and what is the right for them. they have also a discipline for each people living at this town to maintain into a good of their own personal. Balingasag was having and fast Improvement of their own town to developed and promoted this land, To Introduce that Balingasag have also a good spot and nice place to all people who want to visit here and witness the beautiful place of Balingasag.

People Catholic is the majority of population here in this town (90%), Muslim and other religion was a little population only (10%). People of Balingasag was good and friendly to accept visitors and other people who really come to this Town. also they have a lot of Business here, they have Bangus and many more...

Colleges and High Schools was composed by the Privates and Public, a lot of courses that they can choose it. Public Schools and Private are in a good and standard to teach for their own Students. To encourage and teach them in a perfect way, to developed into a good one.

So I'm proud to be at this my own town, I was born here! and I want to bring and help my own land to take success of what will they dreamed, and to reach the goal. That's my own town that I want to promoted and introduce to all the people of the WORLD. That my town was good and beautiful place of the world.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Global Warming

How you can meet or beat air pollution control expectations. Though expensive, air quality control can pay off over the long haul. Done properly, your business' control of air pollution can enhance productivity by providing a clean environment with less worker downtime due to sickness or inability to work at 100%.How much of your business’ air pollution prevention and control you want to manage depends on the size and complexity of the operation.

They said we need to cut off that power like 1 hour. only 1 hour? as for now in this generation we blowup doubled before. I think it is possible that we take a little rest in only 1 hour. we need more hours to take that even a little rest in our world. if we take more hours it can be, but it was impossible to be done, on that one hour that they ask to cut, well I'm going to support it we will take a little little rest sometimes to see how important this world to us.

So, be ready for that, we will cut our electricity even in just 1 hour, to support and help this world from Dying. we will never let that happen, save this world from critical life. So that from generation to generation they will meet also what is EARTH.

Happy Birthday

My Birthday Is Coming!

Since in my birth, I will never remember that I spend my own money to celebrate my birthday^^. Because in every celebrating my birthday their is a people who stand to spend my birthday's party. so I won't surprised if someone who wanted to spend my Birthday. I don't know why.

Maybe I'm a good man or have a lot of friends and family's ^^ well to be like that, I will give big thanks to the people and my family to treating me like that. I'm happiest person that I was being like that, I'm lucky to my friends, and my family's. of course God also, i know that he is always been there.

And now I'm going to celebrate my self as my 26th Birthday on April 04 2009. Hope that there is someone who spend and make party on my birthday ^^ and I will always accept that ^^

And my wish on my birhtday is - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I will think that 30 secs before my birthday ^^. How about you guy's are you happy during your birthday? did you feel that it is your birthday? and enjoyment from people who Care's you and love you always? hope you have same as what I have during my birhtday not even your birthday. hope that it will still remain even it's not your birthday ^^ that there is always take care of us and loves us...

ok gudluck to all of you

Happy Birthday To Me...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summer Ended School ^^ March 2009

weeeeeee, now we will celebrate Our Summer Holiday here in the Philippines, No more Class ^^ Enjoyment of everyone is waiting to be done by each other, this is it we will enjoy our life from the Lazy's Study of being hard work in school, goodbye homework,assigment etc ^^ Cungratulation to everyone.

Beer's for everyone ^^