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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Source from: http://www.nbcnews.com/

Yet another tragic happened that Earthquake hits at Nepal Country, It takes hard to recover the people in Nepal from devastated Earthquake before just a week ago. Were 42 people dead and take 1000 more injured to a new Earthquake lately. People try to move on from what was happened before but yet another earthquake will devastated to a country. A 7.4 magnitude were devastated to an Earthquake in Nepal.

Our Organization was plan to flight again and help people in Nepal for the second time. Were our Organization was already been before during the first Earthquake in Nepal. Were handle to take care those children's who mostly need help. We place them to a camp and providing foods and comforting their sickness. We take care and located  those children's that were troubled  to find their parents. Our Mission their is for those children's but if other people need our help we will take them too. We've been keep 100 plus children and some are adult during the first Earthquake, just in 3 place at Nepal. We were assisting from local government of Nepal to provide shipment just to keep children's in safe and providing hospitality.

Were in 20 Volunteer people from other country and with 60 Youth World Movers members in Nepal, were those members are solid and quick to response during our call when there is an big Tragedy. Were our job is to care children's even in other country just when it needs help. Yet another tragic were happened in a same place, so were here to move and response again. Were soliciting from the other NGO's for some things that we need to bring there.

There so many NGO's willing to help us and giving cloths and food product to bring in Nepal. But we were not accept goods and cloths anymore since our goods and cloths were not accepted to the airport during our first flight on the first earthquake in Nepal that was 7.8 magnitude. All we need now is money to easy access in Nepal country. we will use money to buy goods after we land to a country. Were here to ask you a little amount that you can give even a single dollar that you can contribute. We thank you for your support a kind 

consideration that you support our Organization which is Youth World Movers are happy to help other people that they really need our help like Nepal. You can donated to Paypal that shown below, If you need more about us just visit Youth World Movers Organization.

We hope for your prayer and help to let us help and reach children's in Nepal.

Please Donate for Nepal Children's